My name is Carlene Oleksyn.

In my professional life I am a pharmacist practicing in community and primary care.  I also consult in the area of professional continuing education.
I am passionate about facilitating learning and personal empowerment in health care. I believe the more knowledge a person has about their own body, how it works and how to keep it healthy, the better choices they are able to make.

On the personal side, I am passionate about living an examined life.  I believe that reflecting on life’s experiences leads to a happier, more fulfilled life and is also an avenue for personal growth.  One of the ways I reflect upon my life is to write about it.

Action Reflection Cycle

I am an avid runner and continue to set personal goals for myself.  Running is not only part of what I do for my physical health but also helps clear my mind and focus my energy.

I love good literature and a good novel just as much! I will admit to an addiction to my RRS feed and to keeping up with colleagues via twitter.

I have, in the past seven years, either full time or part time home schooled my three sons.  This has given me invaluable time with them and incredible insight into how they learn.  It also keeps me challenged and engaged in their learning.

I am a prairie girl who married a prairie boy and still find awe in the blooming canola and wide open sky.

Thanks for stopping by.

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