Tribute to the Three

It has been a long while since I have posted to this blog, but with the impending graduation of my oldest son, I wanted to look back and see where we have been.  What a surprise to find this post I wrote almost 5 years ago but never posted!  It was such a delight to read that I thought I would post this today.




How is it that time seems to leap forward in huge bounds?  In the “little years’ of diapers and exhaustion I felt like I would always be there. and here I am with a teen, and all three in school.

They are each so different and I am really enjoying hearing their ever changing thoughts on the world, watching them grow and struggle with making choices and making mistakes,

While I definitely am away from the boys more now that I am running my own business and they are all in school (huge contrast from our homeschooling days!) I really notice how much I enjoy them and see them each as their own wonderfully unique person.

Ben -what I so appreciate is his sense of responsibility.  I can’t believe that in two short years he has gone from having me structure his school work (home schooling) to taking complete responsibility for his own work.  I never have to ask him if he has a test or has homework, he just keeps track of it all.  When he gets home from school he sits down at his desk and gets his stuff done.  Even when he has a friend over, he encourages them to do their work as well and has become a great help to some of them.  I know it isn’t easy to stand out or be called out by our peers for working hard (I didn’t know that a “try hard” was a put down until just recently, but apparently it’s now a noun), and I am so proud of him for his perseverance and ability to be his own person.

He is also a really lovely 13 year old.  He takes time to play with his little brothers, he is openly affectionate and emotionally present to his dad and I (except perhaps at school drop off!) and  he has a deep love and respect for his extended family.

Noah– has surprised us all by his love of art and music (especially drums!).  I say surprised because he has always been such a strong athlete and rather a daredevil.  What amazes me about Noah is his ability to connect with the emotions of another. At age four he reached for Grandma’s hand at Grandpa’s funeral because he just felt she needed it.  He sheds tears over kids who are being teased at school, he can take the pulse of a room and know whether people have been arguing.  His freedom with his emotions also gives him the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard.  Even on my absolute worst day where I’d like to throw in the towel and see nothing positive, hearing that laugh pulls me out of the pit and I end up laughing with him.

Sam– his enthusiasm for life is unmatched.  He LOVES pretty much everything.  He can’t wait to try new things, LOVES school, LOVES hockey, LOVES piano lessons and pretty much anything else he begs to squeeze into his day.  He can sit in his room and create a world of heroes and villains for hours.  Or sit at the piano and endlessly work at trying to play a song he’s heard one of his brother’s play.  Everyone he meets is his “friend” and his joy for life reminds me regularly to view things with positive lenses.

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