Love Matters

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I had an interesting conversation today with a teacher as I was giving her a flu shot.  When I asked her what grade she taught, she said she taught grade two and went on to tell me that she felt lucky everyday to come to work.

How often do you hear that?

She told me that she really loves her students, but went on to say that maybe she cares too much, becomes too attached to her students and maybe that wasn’t such a good thing.

I told her I actually thought the opposite was true.

The more you care about those you serve, the more you know them, the better you are able to teach them.  When a child feels that you actually care about them, can depend on a connection, they are more apt to listen, be more open to taking risks in their learning and stretch to meet expectations.

Love matters.

For me, it’s the patients for whom I’ve stayed up late at night researching drug therapies for, those I’ve called to see how their chemo is going, how their son’s depression is, and those that I’ve checked on by email when I am away; the connections I have with those patients make me a better practitioner.  They remind me that the better I get to know a patient, the more I know about their family, what matters to them, how they feel about their health and other matters in their life, the better able I am to advise them, help them make decisions regarding their therapy and teach them how to manage their illnesses and disease.

Love matters.

If you love what you are doing, ultimately you are happier.  If you are happy in your life’s work, whether it’s education, health care or other pursuits, you will do a better job.

As that teacher walked back to her classroom I thought, “That’s the kind of teacher I wish I would’ve had as a child.”


6 comments on “Love Matters

  1. Jenn Banas says:

    Yes! I couldn’t agree more! That’s what passion is all about; putting our whole hearts into something regardless of whether the outcomes are known or not. Embracing life and people wholeheartedly will never be a regret at the end of our lives!

    • coleksyn says:

      Jenn, that’s a good point about not knowing the outcomes of our work. We can give our best and never really know if we’ve made a difference. It can’t be about the outcomes.
      Also reminds me of the importance of thanking those who I know have given their energy and time to me.

  2. Tammie Sarauer says:

    So true Carlene, every day I go to school feeling that it is not a job. It really is my passion. Next to my family it is the most important and enjoyable thing I do! It is sad to me that people work for decades in a job that they don’t enjoy or that they consider “just a job”.

    • coleksyn says:

      Your love for your work is evident, Tammie, and I miss being around your enthusiasm and energy! It was inspiring for me to see you follow your passion for teaching after being at home for years with your boys.

  3. Kerrianne says:

    Life truly is about passion and finding your passion. If you are one of those people lucky enough to discover that I think there is nothing more you can achieve in this life. For finding your passion in one small part of your life can only drive you to do better in all aspects of your life. This reminds me of the TED talk I listened to about why you will fail to have a great career. It really inspired me to think deeply about what I want out of life. I think you have embraced all of the concepts he discusses and that is why you will have a great career and a great life. This is also why you will inspire your children to do the same.

    • coleksyn says:

      You have such a way with words Kerri. I hope I am setting a good example for my boys. Maybe it will make up for some of the time I am away from them. It’s a tough balance, but as they get older I’m enjoying sharing with them what I love about my work, and that passion spills into a happier home I think.

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