Tidal Wave Changes

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For the first time in 8 years I am not homeschooling any of my children, and after 18 years of practicing pharmacy in someone else’s dispensary, I will practice in my own.  I’ve made a huge leap, with the support of my family, into what I hope will be a rewarding new phase in my personal and professional life.

Those who have read my blog, or visited my professional site, know that I have complained a little (and sometimes a lot) about the struggles of wanting to practice pharmacy in line with my philosophy of patient engagement and focus on learning.  So I’ve made the leap to “putting my money where my mouth is” so to speak and, along with some great partners, am opening a pharmacy in Stony Plain.

As I embark on an exciting new phase of my career, my children have also had to adapt and grow.  They have taken on full time school (here’s Noah’s remarks on that), more chores, my babysitting,  and a different way of learning at home (less time with Mom to explore cool stuff together.)  My spouse has moved his office home to be more available to them and they have embraced the changes with more enthusiasm than I had hoped.

I’ve experienced, over the past year, small ripples of growth and change and had no idea where they would lead.  As the ripples converged into a wave, I’ve received much support and encouragement from family, friends and global connections.  I have much to be grateful for. And yes, even though I’m sending them all to school, on their first day they still got cake for breakfast.

7 comments on “Tidal Wave Changes

  1. Tammie Sarauer says:

    Carlene, I wish you the absolute best in your new adventure!! I love your philosophy and look forward to hearing about your growth and successes.

    Ride the wave girl!


  2. Kit says:

    Rock on buddy, rock on.

  3. Carlene, this is such good news for all of your patients, the ones you know and the ones you have yet to meet. Your compassion and your presence I know have left such a positive impact both with your children and their schooling and your patients. As you know we’re on a journey through the health care system and there aren’t enough people who will take the extra few minutes to check in on not only the results of their immediate task with the patient but how they have integrated that experience into their understanding of their health situation. I thank you for the times that you have done that for me and my husband. Good for you for finding the courage to take on this new venture. As scary as change can be, I am sure that things will work out just fine.

    • coleksyn says:

      Carolyn, thank you for your comments and encouragement.
      I think of you and Bruce and the boys often. The grace with which you face your incredibly difficult journey is truly inspiring.

  4. Irene says:

    Carlene, how wonderful for you to follow your dreams. I wish you the best of luck and I know that yu will be a success. I ofen think of you and now and the shy young woman I first met i8 years ago.
    Who would believe it?

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