Worth the Read *May 2012

During a typical week I read so many great articles, posts and studies.  Usually I tweet them out for others to read, occasionally post them to Facebook, and always put them into my Diigo file.

A few days ago I was reading the blog of a friend of mine who also reads widely in his field.  He regularly writes a post called “You Should Read” with some of the best stuff he’s read that week, typically in the field of Education.  It struck me that this was a great way to share some of the best “stuff” a person comes across.

I am often asked to comment on, or blog about, health topics, and of course, those who read my stuff know that my love of education leads to many cross roads and intersections in the two fields.  So, I decided to post a regular “Worth the Read” to share some of the great things I come across on a weekly basis.  I am regularly inspired and challenged by posts, videos, conversations and articles that I discover or are shared with me though colleagues and friends.  I hope you are too.

My first “Worth the Read” is perhaps a mix of hope and despair.


I’m not sure how many times in the last six months I have shed tears over this disease.  While I am lucky to not have struggled with it in my own body, cancer has struck patients that I have grown close to, friends in my community and a family member I love.

My thoughts and emotions have vacillated, ranging from the adolescent “F*** I hate this disease”, to scouring research, to listening to grieving hearts, to admiring the bravery of those who fight the disease on a daily basis…

Here are my three “Worth the Reads”

“The Thing that Brings you back is Love.”

This is by far my favorite quote this year.  I come back to it again and again. It comes from a woman writing about the beginning of her journey with breast cancer.  The post is called “The Diagnosis” by Xeni Jardin.

On the medical end, this post from The Doctor’s Channel is fascinating for those interested in new research in the field of cancer.  Being a self professed science geek and health care professional, it is right up my alley. “Training Immune System to Fight Cancer comes of Age.”

Lastly, a video tweeted out by a colleague yesterday that was put together by Seattle Children’s Hospital.  No commentary…..just a few tears.

Enjoy your week!


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