Karma or Just Life?

Painful experiences.  We’ve all had them.  Lost love, loneliness, betrayal, death, illness….it never ends.  Pain just seems to be a part of being human.

Some people believe in karma.  That is, if you cause a painful experience you are likely to receive one back.

Personally, I’m a believer that pain is just part of life.  Painful experiences have as many causes as the individuals who experience them.

The one commonality is that there isn’t a human being out there who hasn’t experienced pain.  Right from the beginning of life a newborn baby experiences pain (circumcision, blood tests, eye drops, cold hands).  And soon after will follow some sort of emotional pain; because humans are not perfect and we are bound to hurt each other.

The “why” of painful experience is the subject of many books and debates.  But I do know that without some of these painful experiences in my own life I would not have grown.  I would be less compassionate, less able to see a bigger picture and more self-focused than I am.

Could I see that while steeped in the pain?  No.  Would I say that all painful experiences are necessary?  No.  Are some painful experiences necessary in life?  I would argue yes.  And I can see in hindsight that some of the most painful ones for me have lead to the most phenomenal growth experiences and lead me to become the person I am today.

I would love to hear your thoughts….


6 comments on “Karma or Just Life?

  1. KIT says:

    While this might sound completely ridiculous, I think what causes pain, teaches. With kids, and even adults, pain is usually one of the swiftest ways to have a lesson learned. I agree with you that not all pain is necessary however, and I guess the ones that you can’t avoid are the ones that are necessary?

    • coleksyn says:

      Not ridiculous 🙂 I agree with you Kit, that experiences that cause us pain can teach us. I don’t think unavoidable pain is always necessary pain. I do however think we can take those unavoidable experiences and glean some positives from it and grow to become better persons from it. Really appreciate the comments and discussion.

  2. Shawn Ram says:

    Great post Carlene, oddly I have mixed emotions in relation to the idea. I believe as you do that pain is essential in life, that it influences our growth and our development. I also agree that some pain is unnecessary, and that no one should ever have to experience them.

    This being said, I am a strong believer in Karma, there is something. Call it fate, karma, a higher power or even luck. Either way it is something, is it controlled or dependant on something, I think that depends on each individuals perception, I do however know that my belief in Karma does often influence the way I work with people or make some of my decisions.

    Is it right or wrong, that is not for me to determine or judge. Loved the post it made me think.

    • coleksyn says:

      Thanks for the comments Shawn. They have me thinking of the role of a higher power or “fate”. I do believe in a higher power and the influence of some things being “meant to be”. (Meeting certain people in life for instance). And even a painful experience can be meant to happen for many reasons. For me, I would say that those painful experiences are not necessarily caused by ourselves having caused someone else pain first.

      Agree it is not up to anyone to judge right or wrong on this as personal beliefs differ among us. The sharing of differing opinions is what I love. It fosters respect and tolerance in my book!

  3. Irene says:

    I totally agree with you. I was so involved in my own little world and out of touch with reality until I lived through a major clinical depression .

    • coleksyn says:

      Thanks for sharing Irene. Clinical depression is so misunderstood and a very painful experience. It sounds like you came out the other side with more self knowledge and a broader perspective.

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